Graham is a part-time photographic artist based in Longmont. He first picked up a camera as a high school student in Scotland and since then has loved the intersection of technical process and artistic creation. His images have been exhibited in the Center for Fine Art Photography in Fort Collins and at the Firehouse Art Center in Longmont.


I’ve lived in Longmont for many years. It’s an interesting city that contains many contrasts in both architecture and culture. I love taking photos of the old brick buildings that are a …


Long Range

These photos were selected for the Long Range juried show at the Firehouse Art Center. These photographs illustrate some of the long, private conversations I have with the sky while I take night …


The Brink of Winter

I’ve always been drawn to transitions and boundaries between states, and that time when the weather changes and winter sets in is no exception. These photos were mostly taken around my home in …



I call these experimental images autoscapes. They are long exposures creating by moving car lights as they scan across the landscape.


Flat Lands

I grew up in the rolling hills and lush glens of Scotland and find myself drawn to Colorado’s plains. The vast open spaces of these flat lands provide me with space to think and allow the …