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An Audio-Adaptive Stereo Console

I didn’t start out intending for this to be such a big project. It started out with an attempt to make a piece of furniture for our HiFi and ended up with a bunch of hardware and software design …


Driving a Lifx Z-Strip based on Audio

Introduction I’ve previously discussed building a Stereo Console that is backlit using a LIFX Z-Strip. We thought it’d be cool if the backlight modulated in conjunction with the music we …


Building a Stereo Console

Introduction We bought a record player and started collecting vinyl during the pandemic. We weren’t able to find a well suited piece of furniture, so i set about making a console out of some …


Illuminated Picture Frame

Introduction We own a couple of 5 cell pieces of an animated film and we’ve never had a good way to exhibit them, I made an illuminated frame that uses a couple of LED backlight modules. I used …