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Home automation


ESPHome Auto-Restart Script

Introduction Running various services at home can be a great convenience, but it’s incredibly frustrating when the network goes down and you’re not there to restart everything. I’ve …


Audio Front-end for the ESP32

Introduction As part of a larger project, I wanted a way to capture the audio signal from our HiFi and sample it with an ESP32 Microcontroller. Our HiFi has a handy tape-dubbing output which I’m …


Cleaning up Electricity Meter Data

Introduction I’ve previously written about how I harvest the readings from my utility meters and put them into InfluxDB. This follow up post describes how I clean up that data using …


Monitoring Utility Meters

Introduction There are quite a few options for monitoring your whole house water or power usage, but i’m not thrilled about adding a bunch of extra hardware to my breaker panel. I’ve known for a while …


Setting up InfluxDB on Docker

Introduction Docker is a great lightweight container system for running applications on your home server. I run it on my Synology DS918+, which stores all our backups and runs most of the services for …


Illuminated Picture Frame

Introduction We own a couple of 5 cell pieces of an animated film and we’ve never had a good way to exhibit them, I made an illuminated frame that uses a couple of LED backlight modules. I used …